The south end of 489 Main Street.

HHPR Adoption Facility is located at 489 Main Street, Caribou, Maine. This is in the Belanger Diesel building on the right side (south). Beaulieu’s garage is right across the street.

Please do not try to enter the Belanger Diesel office at the left side of the building.

Phone 999-1075 or use our Contact Us form to request more information about the facility. We are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Our volunteers are there to do their work and are not obligated to allow the public inside. If you want to see the cats, please make an appointment.

We DO NOT accept cat drop-offs at this location. If you need assistance with a cat, please call 999-1075 and clearly state your need and provide a phone number.

We strive for a cage-free environment. Cats are caged when they first arrive at the Adoption Center. They are given exercise play time out of their cage. When it is determined they can get along with other cats, they are moved to one of our social areas.

In two of the rooms there are tracks with tunnels and levels where the cats can get up  high if they feel the need.

Photo at left: One of our social rooms with cage doors open and a large community cat tree.

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