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Patriotic Pet Photo Contest

F. A. Peabody Company (FAPCO) is holding its tenth annual Patriotic Pet Photo Contest on Facebook, beginning June 19 and running through July 3. The proceeds from the contest will be going to humane societies/animal sanctuaries throughout the state of Maine. The greater the number of entries, the more we will donate.


Halfway Home Pet Rescue urgently requests that our valued and dedicated friends NO LONGER bring recyclable bottles & cans they want to donate to our pet rescue to the Parson’s Street Redemption in Presque Isle – or to any of their remote donation “Drop & GO” bins because of some concerns we are currently looking into.

We rely on and appreciate your donations of bottles & cans very much and want to assure you that your donations go directly for the benefit of our homeless and helpless cats.

Please bring your recyclable bottles and cans to either Rick’s Redemption in Presque Isle or to Norma’s garage at 11 Pioneer Ave in Caribou.

Thank you so very much,
Norma Milton