Tiny Lily

Lily with crooked legs

Lily was rescued by HHPR at about 10 days old in desperate need of care and we soon realized both her front feet were deformed. But she’s a fighter! She started out with syringe feedings until she was declared otherwise healthy to be placed in the pediatric room with a nursing mother. HHPR has other nursing mothers and two were willing to provide Lily with a good milk supply. Danielle, mother of 8, simply looked up at her caregiver and said “Well, after all, what is one more.” Marsha, mother of 4, noted that she had “paid her dues and was not taking on anymore youngsters, but thank you for asking.” Rosie, a very young mother of 3 barely weighing 4 pounds herself, was determined not to have sufficient milk supply for another baby. Our dear little Meg, a Maine Coon-look young momma, took a glance at little Lily and lost her heart.

Dr. Andrea Pesut with Lily

Dr. Andrea Pesut with Lily

We wanted to give Lily a chance to grow up healthy and Dr. Andrea Pesut agreed she was well worth it – so precious Lily was put into leg splints. We did not know if it would work, but we had to try. She adjusted to her big legs and gained strength every day. She still required personal attention to be sure she was fed, could relieve herself, and did not stumble and get into trouble. One thing is for certain – she’s stole a lot of hearts around here. After a few weeks, she returned to the hospital for her followup. We were delighted when the Presque Isle Animal Hospital called that she was doing so well that she could come home.

Lily in splints

Lily in splints

Lily, nicknamed “Paddles” by the Presque Isle Animal Hospital staff, came back home to HHPR after having her leg splints removed. Her legs were doing great!

Her first interest was to run around the living room and jump, jump, jump. Then Norma took her up to the kitten room and she made a mad dash to smell everyone, especially Momma Danielle. Danielle, who had mothered 18 kittens – 8 of her own and 10 orphans, started right in cleaning Lily and then laid down to nurse. Immediately, 8 or 10 other kittens came running for a taste — but you will notice Lily aka Paddles does not take second place. She found her favorite nipple in the pile and later, her place at the dish even though she had to shove under a kitten twice her size. You have to adore this little baby. She is so gutsy.

Judy with Lily

Judy Greenier with a young adult Lily

The happiest ending is that Lily found her forever home with Judy Greenier, who fell the hardest for this little girl. Lily grew into a beautiful adult cat and continues to enjoy life to the fullest.

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