Danny – June 2013

Danny is approximately 2 1/2 years old, male, neutered, gray tiger. He is very confident and has great pride in his appearance. He gets along well with other cats especially females. With males, he will not start a fight but he will not back down from one either. He has all his medical completed and his adoption fee is only $25.00. Danny is a very big cat and will probably gain even more. He is clean, playful and curious. He is a great hunter. If kept inside all the time, Danny will need some serious playtime to satisfy his hunting instinct. A toy like the feather on a pole or hiding toy mice in tight places will fulfill his need. He will be great with any size family. Danny can be sensitive about his tail being touched.

Note: HHPR encourages responsible pet ownership. Cats live longer, healthier lives if kept indoors. Cats are very happy to live indoors if they have their physical and emotional needs met. Make your home a cat friendly environment with places of their own such at cat trees and condos, cat grass plants, and toys that mimic hunting and foraging. And play with your cat!

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