Dinty Moore Stu – November 2011

Dinty Moore Stu, is about 2 years old, orange tiger, scared at this point. He was found with his head stuck in a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew and had probably been that way for a while. The rescue worker saw several people kick the can and limp body of Dinty before she got to him. Off to the vet to get the can removed, moved to HHPR, back to the vet for testing & neutering, and although he is grateful for his food, shelter and cleaning. Dinty really is sure about life in general. Give him some time and love and he will be a fine pet. We believe he is a good mouser as he is not under weight. He is clean, scared, healthy, and his adoption fee is $25.00. He is neutered, leukemia/AIDS tested, wormed, shots, and Revolution treated (30-day parasite prevention).

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