Shadow is the most mellow, get-along-with-everyone cat we’ve seen in a long time. He came to HHPR because of a chronic constipation issue and being overweight. After some medical intervention and a change in diet, this guy is on the path to a long life. He spent several weeks in foster care so that his regime could be monitored. He’s been at our Adoption Center for several weeks in a room loose with other cats. He loves everybody. Recently he went on a field trip to the Caribou Public Library where he was among a class of third graders and other cats he’d never met. He was right at home.

The volunteers all love this guy but none are able to adopt him. Shadow will do well in any home as long as they can keep him on his diet and have the financial means to provide medical treatment should it become needed again.

Shadow was finally adopted to a Caribou family and is doing great. His new family includes 2 dogs and a cat.

Shadow and Fergie

Shadow spooning with his friend, Fergie.

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