Tabitha – June 2012

Update on Tabitha:


Many of you on Facebook have followed the sad story of Tabitha (formerly Smokey) who has been recovering at HHPR from burns and smoke inhalation she suffered from a house fire in March. Her owner perished in the fire and this beautiful girl was found hiding under some furniture. After being given emergency treatment she was brought to HHPR and treated at the PI Animal Hospital. She’s had a rough time but has healed from her injuries and has been doing well at HHPR. Tabitha has made a full recovery from injuries suffered in a house fire during which her owner perished. Her original family is not able to adopt her but hopes she will find that special forever home. She has recovered physically, her whiskers are growing back in and her emotional recovery has been going well, too. She’s a beautiful, sweet girl who knows who she is.

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