We have many programs at HHPR. Our core programs relate directly to the cats and kittens. Other programs involve fundraising or other supportive endeavors.

Core Programs

Adoption – How to adopt from HHPR. Includes the download link for the Adoption Application.

Pet Food Pantry – Free pet food for qualified people in need.

Spay / Neuter – Our spay/neuter policy and program.

Foster Homes – HHPR Foster Homes are the core of our network.

Orphan Kittens – Itty Bitty Orphan Kitty, a new program to provide care for the tiniest kittens.

Feral TNR (Trap, Neuter, Relocate) – Our successful, ongoing program that reduces unwanted cat population in neighborhoods.

Foster Outreach – When shelters are full, we offer an option.


New Building Fund – Our nestegg for our own building.

Shoebox Recycling – We want your old, wearable shoes!

Cartridges for Cats – We want your inkjet and laser cartridges!

Support HHPR

Ways to Help – From donating money to other methods of supporting our mission.

Wish List – Stuff that we need. There might be something on this list that you can provide.


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