Adoption Program

Sorry, we do not have any cats available for adoption at this time.

Please check with Central Aroostook Humane Shelter, PAWS of Fort Kent, Houlton Humane Society or the Ark Sanctuary in Houlton.

Call 999-1075 for latest information or email, or use our Contact Us form.

Fees as of Feb 2020:
Kittens 12 weeks to 5 months: $140 (HHPR covers cost of spay/neuter)
Kittens/cats 5 months and older: $85

For the latest information about hours and policies, visit our Facebook page or call 999-1075. If you want to read our Adoption Contract, you may download a copy here.

How to apply to adopt:

1. Use our online form here. This is the best method to get your application in to us right away.
2. OR download an adoption application HERE. This is a PDF (a pdf reader is required like Acrobat Reader). This is NOT the best method.

  1. Save it to your computer
  2. Fill it out
  3. Save it again using your last name
  4. Email to

3. You may also print it, fill it out completely and sign it. Then mail it to HHPR, P.O. Box 488, Caribou ME 04736. If there is a particular cat or kitten that you are interested in, we need your application as soon as possible.

NOTE: We encourage you to complete an application in advance of an appointment to see cats or kittens. We need time to review and to be able to tell you if we have a cat or kitten that would fit into your family. Adoption approval takes at least 72 hours and can be as long as a week, depending on our review team and availability of your references. In our application we require 3 references with telephone numbers and ask that you notify these references that someone will be calling. If you have a veterinarian, we ask for your permission to contact them and that you let them know HHPR will be contacting them.

We also require that you also sign an adoption contract which outlines the spay/neuter policy among other points. We require that kittens are spayed/neutered when of appropriate age and health. With each kitten, you will receive a voucher that provides a discount on the procedure. This will be explained when you adopt. When this voucher is handed in at the participating animal hospital, we will know the procedure has been completed. We do followup. If we suspect you have not had this completed, we will contact you to determine the kitten’s status. If you refuse to spay/neuter, we reserve the right to take custody of the animal.

We do not advocate the practice of declawing. It is a painful surgery that often results in a behavioral change of the cat. The declaw surgery removes the first joint of each “finger” – not just the nail that you see. We will be happy to discuss options such as scratch pole training and soft claws (nail coverings). Read more HERE.

With each adoption, HHPR provides:

  • Starter kit – small litter box, litter, food, toys, blanket
  • Information about when your cat will require vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter voucher for kittens
  • Full Disclosure statement (HHPR adoption policy)

We try to process your adoption paperwork within 1-2 weeks and mail to you. If there are any problems, we want to know. We are here to help you.

If for any reason the adoption is not working out, please contact us. If you must surrender the cat, we will be happy to accept the cat back to HHPR.

See some of our adoptable cats and kittens here and on our Facebook page.

Feral Barn Cat Program

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