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To donate food in the local area, we prefer that it be dropped off at 11 Pioneer Avenue at the back door or in the garage if it is open. During bad weather, please call 999-1075 or email to find out where to leave the food. HHPR cats eat Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Purina Kitten Chow, Friskies and Fancy Feast canned (no beef, please). We gratefully accept other brands to add them to our Pet Food Pantry for our barn cats or other county pets in need.

We welcome food deliveries from out of the area. The shipping address is 11 Pioneer Avenue, Caribou ME 04736. We’d like to send you a Thank You, so include a note in your delivery if the company allows.


There are many programs needing financial support.  Use our PayPal links below to make donations online, or send a check to:

P.O. Box 488
Caribou ME 04736

and make a note as to how you want your donation spent.

NOTE: If you would like your donation to be made “in Honor of” or “in Memory of” please add a note with your payment.


Our Online donation links:

Greatest Need:  Your donation will be used for the greatest need at the time of receipt.

Spay/Neuter Fund:  This fund pays for expenses for the yearly public spay/neuter mobile vet clinics, bringing 2 Vets and 5 Vet Techs up from Portland to sterilize cats of low-income families, or people with new pets that cannot get into an area Vet; for feral cat colonies, and cats entering our facility. Each of the mobile sterilization clinics costs approximately $20,000, doing about 250 cats each clinic.

Community Outreach Project:  Supports emergency medical program.

Renovation Fund:  Helps cover renovation expenses for our warehouse for an area Low-Cost Wellness Clinic and 4 Free sterilization clinics per year.

NOTE: If you would like your donation to be made “in Honor of” or “in Memory of” please add a note when you fill out the PayPal form.

Amazon and Chewy Wish Lists

Wish List at

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Other Ways to Support HHPR

There are many ways to support Halfway Home Pet Rescue.

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