belleBelle is a 19 year old favorite female, dsh, all black. She is adorable, loving and so sweet that the sun must rise and set on that beautiful personality. Belle came to the rescue with her bonded friend, Mittens-age 13 years in 2023.  They were given up because the family did not want to deal with the expected trouble and expense of having elderly cats. It was a tough decision by HHPR to let Mittens be adopted but she had a wonderful opportunity with a great family environment so we made the decision and follow-up from the adoption says that Mittens is loving her new home. . Belle did miss mittens for a while but she gradually befriended a new friend named Hamlet and they have become best buddies at the Rescue. Belle came in extremely thin and after a vet check and a blood panel she was found to have a simple thyroid condition that we are treating and she had been given a second chance at having a good life. Everybody loves Belle and Belle loves everyone..She and Hamlet have their own small room with lots of cuddle room for the bonded couple and yet both are free-roaming throughout the pet rescue while volunteers are working their shift. The reason for their private room is to be very protective of Belle’s age and Hamlet treats her like a Queen.