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Mission 2023

December 2023

Halfway Home Pet Rescue & Central Aroostook Humane Society work together to save lives and spay/neuter more Aroostook County Cats.

Halfway Home Pet Rescue is changing our mission. Halfway Home will concentrate on Spay/Neuter Clinics and special-needs cats.

  • For clinic info, call 492-2466.
  • For general HHPR Info, email norma@halfwayhomepetrescue.org.
  • The (207)999-1075 cell phone is for information only and will NOT be monitored.

We are no longer accepting in or adopting out any cats at this time. Contact the Central Aroostook Humane Society in Presque Isle at 764-3441 if you need these services. For cat rescue, call your police department.

Mission: General mission 2022 and previous

Halfway Home Pet Rescue is dedicated to improving the quality of life for stray animals in Aroostook County, Maine. We focus our mission on the rescue and rehabilitation of cats and kittens from Caribou and surrounding communities who are not eligible for admission to other area shelters. HHPR provides medical care, social and emotional rehabilitation through our foster home network and a safe haven that is “half way home.”

HHPR provides community support by:

  • providing pet care assistance to families in crisis
  • promoting spay/neuter, assisting low income homes with spay/neuter resources
  • offering equipment for temporary fostering of strays
  • practicing Trap/Neuter/Relocation of area feral colonies
  • providing community education about animal welfare issues

HHPR is an all-volunteer, licensed 501c3 nonprofit and licensed by the State of Maine, ID number 94-3471733.


As of October 2021, HHPR has rescued 3,265 cats in the central Aroostook County area since 2009.


Covid changed our Mission a bit, but HHPR’s great volunteers kept us moving to continue with rescues and helping pets and their families cope with the pandemic. The focus has shifted to Free Spay/Neuter clinics.

2019: 10 years – 2700 rescues

On our Facebook page we will be looking back at some highlights of our 10 years of volunteer service to our community. In 2011, Echoes Magazine published an article about HHPR. We’ve scanned it into PDF and you can read HHPR Echoes.

Our Success in 2017

We started 2017 with 64 cats. We took in another 221:  58 Owner surrender, 75 Stray, 14 Born at HHPR, 39 Ferals, 35 Low Income assistance requests.

Cats who left HHPR: 214.  71 Adopted locally,  73 Transferred, 6 Barn cats, 8 Returned to Owner, 7 Infant death, 11 Euthanized, 1 DOA, 11 Low Income Assistance given.

Our Success in 2016

Sorry, no pie charts yet. But here are the numbers:

Cats coming into our care: 98 from owners, 8 were born at HHPR, 84 strays were taken in, 52 ferals were brought in from our TNR program, we helped 17 low incomes situations for a total of 259 intakes for 2016. Leaving HHPR in 2016 were 251: 47 were adopted locally, 126 were transferred to networking no-kill shelters in Maine, 17 were located to barns, 2 kittens died, 12 cats required euthanasia due to extreme medical condition, we assisted 24 cats from low income situations, and returned 23 cats to owners.

Our Success in 2015

In 2016 we saw continued need in the area and a drop in suitable adoption applications. Our transport program saw increased activity, allowing us to continue meeting the needs of emergency and special needs cases.


Our Success in 2014

2014statsINThe year 2014 showed continued expansion of community need. In 2014 HHPR took in 371 cats:  114 were owner surrender, 167 were stray, 78 feral, 12 were from low income situations needed help.2014statsOUT

HHPR facilitated 80 adoptions in the local area and 153 were transferred to other shelters where they were adopted. The other outgoing numbers are: 30 went to barns, 22 were returned to their owners, 6 low income cases received help from HHPR, we had 6 infant deaths and 4 cats required humane euthanasia due to extreme illness.

Our Success in 2013

2013 IncomingThe year 2014 has been our busiest year yet. The numbers for that year will be available soon.

In 2013, 267 cats came through HHPR adding to the 31 already here.  137 were brought in as strays, 57 were owner surrendered, 63 ferals were humanely captured.

2013 OutgoingHHPR facilitated 189 adoptions in 2013. Unfortunately, we lost 6 kittens to disease, 15 cats required euthanasia due to extreme illness, 10 cats were returned to their owners, and 41 became barn cats.

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