Anne Price with Marble

Volunteer Anne Price gives Marmalade a bath.

Marmalade face

Look at that face.

Marmalade was a throw away kitten. Hard to believe when you look at that face. Volunteers at HHPR did not know if he would survive. But as we have seen before, a bit of care and lots of love works miracles.

This little fella wasted no time stealing hearts once he found his way to Halfway Home. ¬†Little Marmalade quickly gained the nickname “Marble” because his belly was so enlarged he was like a marble with legs. He was far behind in his weight and growth rate which concerned us all about underlying medical conditions. But, his medical tests proved this mini-kitty was a survivor! His digestive system was just a bit underdeveloped and all he needed was time. This was something we could arrange.

Marmalade was given the usual TLC from volunteers and then appeared his foster mom, Stacey – love at first sight – big surprise. Marmalade’s progress was a certainty once he was in his foster home. Of course, the foster home became his permanent home.

Stacy and Marmalade

Stacey and Marmalade


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