Feral Barn Cats

Feral cats have not grown up around people, they are not domesticated. They are afraid of humans. Left on their own, they form family groups and seek to find safe places for protection from weather and predators.

Our Feral Barn Cat program is the adoption phase of our TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) program. If a colony of ferals is reported by people to be in trouble or a nuisance, we assist with trapping and getting the cats medically examined: neutered/spayed, rabies vaccine, and any other medical needs attended. They spend some recovery time in a foster situation until we can find a suitable place for them to go. We want to keep the colony together as much as possible. They are released to their original site if they have their basic needs met and there is a reliable person to provide food and water.

If they cannot be returned to their original site, we can relocate them. We require they go in at least pairs.  Young kittens may remain in foster care for continued rehabilitation to human contact so they can be adopted. We do not euthanize cats simply because they are feral.

If you would like to know more about this program or the cats we have available, please call (207) 999-1075 or email norma@halfwayhomepetrescue.org.  We also work in association with the Friends of Feral Felines in Portland, Maine.

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Our Barn Cat Adoption Agreement

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