Sonic and Kit


Update: Fall 2017 – These two have found a home!

These two young cats are highly intelligent and full of personality. But they are not lap cats. If you like your cats a little on the independent side, this couple may be perfect for you. They need a home where they can have their freedom, places to climb, and people who are willing to truly understand them and allow them their space. We do not recommend a home with young children. Sonic and Kit need to be the ones to decide who touches them¬†and how. They will let you know what’s okay. If you know cat language, you will love these two. Kit is a beautiful classic tabby and Sonic has amazing eyes. They have shared a room together for many weeks and love to chase each other and wrestle and run in and out of the exercise pen. They are full of life! If you would like to know more about Sonic and Kit, please call 999-1075 or email We invite you to submit an adoption application form, available on our website:

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