Bubba – December 2012

Bubba is one of our very distinguished citizens at Halfway Home Pet Rescue. Poor Bubba has suffered his entire life with no place to call home, no medical care and all this time suffering with a very painful eye condition. Bubba will be fine once his surgery is done on Wed., Nov. 28 to correct his bottom eye lids and then he will be neutered. From top to bottom, Bubba will feel like a new man, ready for a new world without pain or hardships. Bubba is Leukemia/AIDS tested negative, wormed, Revolution treated, distemper and rabies vaccinations, and will be neutered and corrective eye surgery on Nov. 28th. A few hundred bucks of HHPR medical care can make our darling boy adoptable at only $25.00 to the right family. Bubba is extremely clean, gets along with other animals and his favorite hobby is cuddling and rolling for tummy rubs. Believe me, Bubba is one very unique and special cat.


Note: Bubba received his surgery (the photo shows him just before his stitches were removed. He was adopted into a great home. A HHPR supporter paid for his surgery.


Bubba before surgery, he could hardly open his eyes.

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